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How to Calibrate PiStorms Touch Screen

How to Calibrate PiStorms Touch Screen


Logging in to PiStorms

Go to PuTTY to login to PiStorms. The default login ID is 'pi' and the password is 'raspberry'.

For instructions on how to remotely connect to your PiStorms, click here

Your screen should look like this:


Stopping the Browser:

Issue following command to stop the browser:

sudo /etc/init.d/ stop

Your PuTTY window should now look like this:

Stop Browser

Don’t worry if the PiStorms screen doesn’t change. Just check to make sure the browser is stopped by trying to click a button. If nothing happens, you have successfully completed this step.

Running the Calibration

To run the calibration, first navigate to the utils folder, and run with following commands:

cd PiStorms/programs/utils/

This is what your PuTTY window should look like now:

Calibration commands

Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the calibration.

After finishing the calibration, restart the Pi and PiStorms with following command:

sudo psm_shutdown -r now

Video showing calibration process:

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