SmartUPS Hacker's Kit Assembly Instructions

Familiarise with the included parts

  • SmartUPS Hackers PCB
  • 10k Thermistor
  • I2CAccessPB PCB
  • 3x2 extensible female header
  • 4x1 female header
  • I2C Cable
  • 6x1 male header

Tools and Parts Needed

  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Battery
  • Wire (optional)

I2CAccess Point Board Assembly

I2CAccessPB Assembly
  • Solder 4x1 female header into I2C pins (GND, VCC, SCL, SDA) of the I2CAccessPB PCB with female connector on the bottom side. Clip leads if desired.
  • Solder 3x2 extensible female header into I2CAccessPB PCB with female connector on the top side. Finished product should look like adjacent picture.

SmartUPS Hacker PCB Connections

Battery pins location
  • If needed, break or cut the 6x1 male header so that you have 3 separate 2x1 male headers.
  • Connect positive of battery to hole marked with plus sign (+) in a circle, negative to the other hole. ***DO NOT connect battery with wrong polarity. This will cause damage to the SmartUPS.***

Connect Thermistor

Thermister with SmartUPS
  • Connect thermistor to holes in the middle of the SmartUPS. Thermistor is not polarized.
  • Ensure the head of the thermistor is physically touching the battery to receive proper battery temperature and other readings.