How to upgrade firmware using Pi

Ensure that you have required files

Required files

You need files as follows:

  • latest firmware hex file
  • Firmware upgrader program and config file
  • Python programs to print version information (optional)

Download Firmware upgrader for RPi.

Keep your device ready

Attach I2C wire to I2C access point on your Pi board.
If using for SmartUPS, remove it's batteries and any wall power(so it's not powered on).

keep the device and I2C cable ready to attach (but don't attach yet).

Start the Upgrader program

looking for device
Start the upgrader program with parameters, ensure to provide correct device name and hex file name. (Verify which device you will be connecting and ensure that the device name is correct).

For PiUPS/SmartUPS use -> SmartUPS

[ Hit Enter ]

While the upgrader is looking for device, attach the device to I2C cable.

Upgrade in process

upgrade in process.
Upgrader will begin upgrade as soon as it detects the device.
Wait until it finishes the upgrade (few minutes).
You can then disconnect the device.