SmartUPS Mount Plate Assembly Instructions

Familiarise with the included parts

SmartUPS mount plate
This mount plate will fit above the SmartUPS with screws.
Note the perforated edge and portion of a strip it separates.

You will also need the nylon standoffs (included) to mount this plate on SmartUPS.

Placement of mount plate over the SmartUPS.

Mount Plate placement

The Black surface of mount plate should be facing away from the SmartUPS, and the button on SmartUPS should match with the thumb-notch on the mount plate.

Screw Placement

Use supplied 4-20 1/2" long screws, insert them from the top of the plate, ensure to insert nylon stand-offs between plate and SmartUPS.

Tighten the screws snugly.
The assembly is now ready to use.

Screws for Pi
If you are mounting RPi over this plate -

  • Insert two M2 screws (included) through the holes on your RPi
  • Insert two nylon standoffs between plate and RPi,
  • Tighten the screws in the mount plate.

If you are mounting a case, ensure that your case has matching holes (2mm dia) and insert screws through those holes.
Secure the bottom of your case with the SmartUPS and it's mount Plate, and then insert your RPi.

Always ensure to use standoffs.