Which Pins are used on PiConsole?

Pins used
Which Pins?PiConsole uses following Pins from Raspberry Pi GPIO header:
Pin 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10.

If you are soldering the header yourself, also ensure to solder pins 25 and 26 (to provide strength to assembly).

Pin functions as follows:
1: 3V
2: 5V
4: 5V
6: Ground
8: Tx
9: Ground
10: Rx
How to Solder PiConsole header?
PiConsole with Pass-through-header
Hold the PiConsole PCB such that components are on top, (and Bluetooth module is on the bottom).
Insert the 2x13 header from bottom of the PiConsole PCB.
Solder from top, at least the pins as mentioned above.

Adjacent picture shows how the PiConsole header is fitted.

Fine tip for Soldering iron
Use a fine tip soldering iron to solder. (use a tip similar to shown in adjacent picture).