How to use PiConsole-BT with Mac

Open Bluetooth Settings on your Mac
Open Bluetooth Settings on your Mac
Ensure that your PiConsole-BT (2.1 model) is connected to your Pi and powered on.

Open Bluetooth Setting on your Mac.
Wait for few seconds until it finds the PiConsole, it will be listed as OE12345 (your digits after OE will vary).

Click on the 'Pair' button to pair with PiConsole.
If pairing failsEnsure that Passcode is correct

If pairing fails, click on Options and enter correct passcode.
The default passcode is 1234.
That's it.
PiConsole connected on Bluetooth on Mac
Your PiConsole should now be connected.

Use 'screen' program to connect to your device.
When the device is connected, you will see following entries in the /dev directory:

(your digits after OE and device extension will vary).

To connect to console of your Raspberry Pi, Open Terminal, and use command as:
$ screen /dev/
(use the correct digits and the device extension)