Q: Can one PFMate control four IR Receivers? (i.e. operating 8 motors at different settings?).

Ans: Yes. You can control 4 PF receivers with one PFMate. Ensure that the Receiver domes are in direct line of sight from PFMate, and select different channel for each receiver. You can then control each receiver from your program.

Q: With NXT-G, I can set one PFMate Block to operate a receiver on Channel 1 with motor 1 running forward at medium speed and motor two running forward at max speed (these motors will then keep running until they receive another command from another NXT PFMate Block). At the same time can I set another PFMate Block (using the same PFMate) to operate another receiver on Channel 2 to run two different motors in reverse at minimum speed (again these motors will continue running until another PFMate Block using Channel 2 instructs them otherwise).

Ans: Yes, that can be done.

Q: How do I change the I2C address of a sensor?

Ans: Use the zipped executables at following URL to change the address.
(Use LEGO firmware 1.29 or higher for this, and follow instructions to install.)
Explorer.zip upon installation, attach sensor to port 1, run the program and follow on screen instructions.

Q: Are the Red Bricks necessary for correct operation when mounting the PFMate directly on the Receiver?

Ans: Red bricks are not necessary, they are used for a compact and tight mounting of PFMate on PF receiver. (The PFMate can be as far away as 50 to 75 cm from the receivers.)

Q: When using PFMate to control the IR Receiver it is necessary to program the NXT to provide a continuous signal to operate a motor?

Ans: No, You only need to send signal once when you start the motor. The motors will continue to run until a stop signal is sent. Your program can do other things in the meanwhile.