Q: How do I change the I2C address of a sensor?

Ans: Use the Zipped executables  at following URL to change the address.
(Use LEGO firmware 1.29 or higher for this, and follow instructions to install.)
Explorer.zip  upon installation, attach sensor to port 1, run the program and follow on screen instructions.

Q: Do mindsensors sensors for NXT work with 2.0 kit?

Ans: Yes. They do work with Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit.

Q: If I use more than one DIST-Nx sensors will there be IR interference?

Ans: You can use more than one DIST-Nx sensors on your NXT without any IR interference. Sharp's patented modulation scheme allows you to attach multiple GP2D12 (or equivalent sensors) within proximity of each other.

Q: What languages do your sensors work with?

Ans: Most of the sensors work with EV3, NXT-G, RobotC, NXC and LeJOS. For each sensor, you will find supported languages, related API`s and sample programs on its respective webpage.