Make stunning robots with Raspberry Pi Brain and LEGO Mindstorms parts!

PiStorms Hardware and Peripherals

PiStorms Hardware Peripherals


Program & Control from Smart-phone, Tablet or PC

Program from Tablet

  • Remote Control your Robot
    Remote Control from Phone
  • Edit Programs
    Edit Python Programs
  • View Stats
    View Stats
  • Record Screens
    Screen Captures & more...


Choose a Kit to Suit Your Needs

Base Kit

Starter Kit

Express Kit

Classroom Kit

PiStorms-v2 Controller

✓ (x3)

Lego Compatible Frame

✓ (x3)


✓ (x3)

8 GB micro SD card pre-loaded with PiStorms Image

✓ (x3)

Raspberry Pi 3

✓ (x3)

WiFi Router with Easy Connectivity



Customer Creations using PiStorms

  • Play Movies with PiStorms
  • Use in Classroom with Scratch
  • Make a Wall Follower
  • Color Sensor Experiments


Awesome Robots in Classrooms

Make awesome robots

  • robot at jhu
  • robot at jhu
  • robot at jhu


Project Ideas & How-To Articles

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Software and Documents

Getting Started

  • Instructions
    Installation & Configuration Instructions
  • Instructions
    Tutorial: How To Access PiStorms
  • Instructions
    Tutorial: Python Programming on PiStorms
  • PiStorms Programming Reference
    Programming Reference
  • pdf file
    User Guide
  • PiStorms Scratch programming guide
    Scratch Programming Guide

Advanced Resources

  • Troubleshooting PiStorms
    Troubleshooting PiStorms
  • PiStorms Image
    Pre-configured PiStorms Image
  • pdf file
    Advanced Development Guide
  • PiStorms Github Repository
    PiStorms Github Repository
  • Using PiStorms with Kano Computer
    Using PiStorms with Kano Computer

Features & Specifications

- 4 Motor Ports and 4 Sensor Ports

- Attach LEGO Mindstorms NXT or EV3 motors and sensors

- PiStorms compatible sensors and motors

- Built-in 2.4 inch Color Touch Screen Display

- Program using Python, Scratch or Blockly

- Control from Smartphone or Tablet (no computer needed)

- Works with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, Pi 2 & Pi 3

- Connect to internet over Ethernet or Wifi

- Access Raspberry Pi peripherals through USB, audio and camera connectors.

- Remote Access your Raspberry Pi with computer or mobile devices with VNC.

- Sturdy and user friendly design