The AbsoluteIMU-ACG contains three built in sensors which are accelerometer, compass and gyroscope, . The AbsoluteIMU-ACG is compatible with multiple platforms including:

     -Mindstorms NXTG
     -BricxCC NXC
     -Mindstorms EV3G
     -Mindsensors EVShield (Arduino)
     -Mindsensors PiStorms(Raspberry Pi)


Key Features:

The AbsoluteIMU-ACG, has three major sensors First one being an accelerometer, which can be used to measure tilt, detect an impact, measure centrifugal force, and numerous other possibilities.
Second major sensor is the compass, which an be used for many things other than simpy just a compass.  For example you can use this sensor to create a metal detection device.
Third, would be the gyroscope, this sensor alone can provide your robot or project with lots of possibilities. You could use the gyroscope to create a self balancing robot(segway).  Or create a vibration detection system, aswell as lots of other options.

  • Accelerometer

    Measure tilt

    Measure centrifugal force

    Detect Impact

  • Compass

    Create a metal detector

    measure magnetism

  • Gyroscope

    Self balancing robot

    vibration detection system

Software and Downloads

  • EV3 Blocks for ABSIMU
    EV3G Blocks for AbsolueIMU
  • PiStorms Image
    NXTG Blocks fro AbsoluteIMU
  • pdf file
    AbsoluteIMU User Guide
  • ABSIMU Segway Driver
    ABSIMU Segway Driver
  • RobotC 4.28+ driver
    RobotC (4.28+) Driver
  • Calibration Utility
    Calibration Utility

Tutorials and Examples

  • EV3G example program
    EV3G example Program
  • NXTG example
    NXTG example program
  • NXC example
    NXC example program
  • Calibration Tutorial
    Calibration Tutorial

Customer Testimonials:

Awesome Sensor! By Laura Melnik on April 29, 2009

We bought this sensor to use on a science fair project and it's great! The API is fast and accurate. The sensor reads in g's so no conversion needed. Can be set for 3 ranges so the data is what you want to see. Can be plugged into any sensor port.

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Do I need to calibrate my AbsoluteIMU-ACG or does it come with a factory calibration?
The AbsoluteIMU-ACG comes with a factory calibration however, given the magnetic field in your location may be more or less than the one at the manufacturing facility so re-calibrating the compass maybe important.