GRX RC Servo Motor with Wheel and Encoder

Note how to attach screws to encoder

Use the screws that are supplied with the servo.

GRX Encoder


Insert the Servo mount on the Servo

Note the inner notch on the mount, ensure to line it with the servo wire end.

insert servo mount


Line up the Encoder and fasten the screws

The encoder is on the closer end of servo shaft.

line up the encoder


Fasten all the screws

Do not over-tighten the screws, as it may strip the threads.

Assembled Encoder


Attach the Wheel to Servo

Attach the wheel to servo shaft, be sure to insert it carefully as it is a precise and tight fit.

And fasten the servo-shaft screw (screw is supplied with servo).

Mount the motor

Note about remaining servo parts:

All the horns, metal sleeves and rubber bushes supplied with RC Servo are not used in this assembly.