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NXShieldAGS Class Reference

NXShield Analog Sensor class. More...

#include <NXShieldAGS.h>

Inheritance diagram for NXShieldAGS:
NXTLight NXTTouch RCXLight SumoEyes

Public Member Functions

 NXShieldAGS ()
 NXShieldAGS (NXShield *shield, SH_BankPort bp)
bool setType (uint8_t type)
int readRaw ()
bool init (NXShield *shield, SH_BankPort bp)

Public Attributes

SH_BankPort m_bp

Detailed Description

NXShield Analog Sensor class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NXShieldAGS::NXShieldAGS ( )

null constructor for the NXShieldAGS class; need to init later

NXShieldAGS::NXShieldAGS ( NXShield shield,
SH_BankPort  bp 

class constructor with pointed to NXShield and the bankport as a parameter; init is not needed

Member Function Documentation

bool NXShieldAGS::init ( NXShield shield,
SH_BankPort  bp 

initialize the analog device with a pointed to the NXShield and the bank port it is connected to

int NXShieldAGS::readRaw ( )

read the raw analog value from the device and return as an integer

bool NXShieldAGS::setType ( uint8_t  type)

set the type of the device on this port of the NXShield

Member Data Documentation

SH_BankPort NXShieldAGS::m_bp

bank port the analog device is connected to

NXShield* NXShieldAGS::mp_shield

pointer to the NXShield class instantiation used

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