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  1. Matha Goram
    Matha Goram Member

    I could not find the purpose of the switch on the top of the board so my rationalization below may be incorrect. Please pardon my misunderstanding.

    It appears that the Bombinibot delivered to me will only run the program when the switch is moved to the right and pressed "gently" with the latter being my naive assumption. If I remove my finger from the switch even when the latter is all the way to the right, no code is executed! The code runs (e.g. the motor test proceeds per the unmodified code or my temporary variations to test control flow) only when I keep my finger on the switch.

    This observation is based on running the "motor test" example by launching bbbpanel, connecting the corresponding port (USB-SERIAL CH340) and running Scratch as instructed in the app window panel.

    I may be mistaken but surely it is not the intent to operate Bombinibot with an operator's finger firmly pressed on the switch. How can this anomaly be rectified?

    Matha Goram, 2015-10-18 08:29:26 -04:00
  2. Michael Giles
    Michael Giles Member Staff Member Richmond, VA
    The switch is used to turn the BombiniBot on. If you look closely, above the switch are the words ON (to the right) and CHARGE (to the left). Close the BombiniBot panel and push the switch to the right. Do not hold your finger on the switch. Is the LED blinking Red? If so, then your switch is OK and there is something else going on. If the LED only flashes when you are firmly puishing the switch to the right with your finger. Then your switch is most likely faulty, and you should contact our support team via Hope this helps!
    Michael Giles, 2015-10-19 15:07:01 -04:00
  3. Tom Sisley
    Tom Sisley Member
    you helped me, thank you!
    Tom Sisley, 2016-02-02 05:00:27 -05:00
  4. Matha Goram
    Matha Goram Member
    Sorry, I forgot to update. The replacement switch has been working satisfactorily for the last four months or so. (My poor eyesight overlooked the finely printed ON/CHARGE text). Rgds.
    Matha Goram, 2016-02-02 11:35:35 -05:00
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