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  1. I cannot get the drivers for the NXTCam to install on my laptop (running windows 7). I download the files from the link provided by this website but not given a way to install them. Also when I plug the NXTCam into my usb port it wants a com port for communication which doesn't appear to be an option I have as I cannot locate any option labeled "Port", "Com" or "LPT" in the device manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Robert Bolcar, 2015-11-23 03:38:41 -05:00
  2. Michael Giles
    Michael Giles Member Staff Member Richmond, VA
    Michael Giles, 2015-11-23 15:55:08 -05:00
    I had already done that at least three times, but I did try it again and the problem I seem to be running into is that when I plug in the camera to the computer, it comes up under "other devices" in the device manager and the instructions are for either COM & LPT or USB ports. Is there any way to move where the device manager is putting it? The other problem is that when I try to "update driveers" for the device I select the i386 folder and it fails to find the driver software so it does not install the camera. I'm missing something, I'm just not sure what?
    Robert Bolcar, 2015-12-02 00:21:15 -05:00
  4. Michael Giles
    Michael Giles Member Staff Member Richmond, VA
    Don't directly choose the i386 folder. Choose the folder that folder is in, It should be NXTCam-v4 if you uare using the most current drivers, and check the box to include subfolders.
    Michael Giles, 2015-12-02 09:25:54 -05:00
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