Sumoeye on Ev3
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  1. Haipeng xie
    Haipeng xie Member
    Hi, when connecting the Sumoeye sensor to Ev3, the yellow "!" mark is shown next to the Sumoeye block, despite the sample program is still running. Any idea?

    BTW, where could I find the proper document for the use of this sensor on EV3, e.g. how the dual range is used? the raw number measured by the block does not seem to reflect the distance, the measurement range seems to be much less than 20cm too. The left zone ("2") seems to have range less than 10cm, while the front and right have 15cm range, is the sensor defected? pls advise.

    Haipeng xie, 2015-12-28 16:27:33 -05:00
  2. Michael Giles
    Michael Giles Member Staff Member Richmond, VA
    The yellow '!' mark is not a concern. The EV3 will automatically detect some sensors. Because the Sumoeyes is an analog sensor, the line that is read for automatic detection show some voltage similar to that of one of the EV3 sensors. The EV3 detects a sensor but does not poll the correct information so it shows that the wrong sensor is connected to the port. The program will run as intended.

    Go to the help page from the EV3-G programming environment. Click 'Help' on the toolbar and select 'Show EV3 Help'. The Help page will open in your web browser. Select 'Programming Blocks' and a list of all your installed blocks should appear. Click 'Mindsensors NXTSumoeyes' to view the help page for this block.

    The ranges will very due to a number of things. White will be detected more easily at farther ranges than darker objects. Also, battery voltage will make a difference in the distance. If your batteries are low or there is a heavy load on due to motors you can experience objects being detected at different ranges.
    Michael Giles, 2015-12-29 12:17:51 -05:00
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