GlockenSpiel Playing Robot
 Showcase Your Creations   Started by Andrew Page   2016-04-03 13:32:40 -04:00   Comments: 1    Viewed: 436

  1. Andrew Page
    Andrew Page Member
    This was my first "real" effort with the PiStorms.  Took a bit to figure out how the python Libraries worked.My orginal effort involved all relititve motion.  I found that while striking the notes, the position jumped enough to throw things off by the end of the song.  This stores the "Zero Position, and calculates the desired posotion for each note, even consecitive ones.  That way drift is minimized and the song plays to the end.There is clearly still opertunities to imporve things.  I should either gear the movment so it is faster, so slow the tempo down, so it is more even.Please enjoy!

    Andrew Page, 2016-04-03 13:32:40 -04:00
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