Bluetooth between NTX and PC
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  1. Hi,

    I want to send and receive message between the NXT program in NXC and my PC program in C.

    I successeful to send an integer from my nxt to my pc, but i don't know how to send a message from my pc to my nxt ...
    I try different method but all return the suite number : 4   0   80   255  149  118   175   58 

    task main(){
    SendRemoteNumber(0, 4, 13);


    unsigned char buf[9];
    len =read(s, &buf[i], 1);
    printf("[%d]n", buf[i]);
    printf("number of bytes returned: %dn", i);
    }while(i <= 10);
    chiffre=(int)buf[6]; // 13 is on the bit 6

    Someone can help me ?

    I'm sorry for my bad englsih, i'm french .. And unfortunately I don't speak english very well..
    Veronique defonte, 2016-04-15 11:27:25 -04:00
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