Bombinibot Arduino Interface
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  1. Matha Goram
    Matha Goram Member

    Please publish some pointers on using the linePosition function in the Arduino interface for Bombinibot. I understand that the Sharpie holder is the most desirable position to mount the sensor but some further explanations could expedite the evaluation of the function:

    • Which sensor(s) have been tested?
    • What connection(s) from the sensor to the Arduino are needed (presumably based on sensor datasheets)?
    • Any supporting mechanical hardware needed?
    • What other functions (undocumented?) are needed in addition to the linePosition function for the sensor to be initialized or calibrated?

    The PID algorithm published for the Bombinibot Arduino is adequate for the eval purposes (as are the other samples) but the clarification on the specifics of the sensor for the line following example would be invaluable.

    Matha Goram, 2017-01-20 12:22:29 -05:00
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