Pistorms Robotic Arm
 Showcase Your Creations   Started by Jeffrey Olmo   2017-04-11 09:01:15 -04:00   Comments: 3    Viewed: 211

  1. Jeffrey Olmo
    Jeffrey Olmo Member

    This is a robotic arm made with lego technic parts, lego mindstorms motors, a raspberry pi and a Pistorms V2 controller. It is controled with an ordinary wii remote, using a blutetooth dongle. It has four degrees of freedom and can rotate at the base, move forward and back also at the base, move at the elbow and grip objects with the hand. It uses three medium motors and a large motor. It is programed using python.  If you have questions of comments fell free to write them below!


    Jeffrey Olmo, 2017-04-11 09:01:15 -04:00
  2. setht
    setht Member Staff Member

    Wow, fantastic work!

    We are happy to feature you on our PiStorms product page. If you are interested in sharing a blog post, please send an email to support@mindsensors.com for the blog template and instructions. This would be a great place to share the process of making this project and what you learned for others who might be interested. In particular controlling the PiStorms with Bluetooth is a very neat idea I'm sure others would like to try. If you are interested in making your code open-source so others can learn from it, but need help with how to use GitHub, let us know!

    Again, wonderful project, I'm very impressed. Not only with the technical challenges to make this happen but the design of the arm itself and the sturdy base are noteworthy.

    Seth Tenembaum

    setht, 2017-04-11 14:25:54 -04:00
  3. Jeffrey Olmo
    Jeffrey Olmo Member
    Jeffrey Olmo, 2017-04-12 06:12:52 -04:00
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