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  1. Ruben Sorazu
    Ruben Sorazu Member

    Hi, this is my first post in this forum. I hope you will help me with my problem.

    I'm building a sewgay with EV3. I have used the 2015 version of matlab but now I must use the 2017 version.
    So I connect my device with wifi to matlab and i don't have any problem:

    legoev3 with properties:

    FirmwareVersion: 'V1.08H'
    HardwareID: '001653486__d'
    IPAddress: '192.168.43.__'
    CommunicationType: 'WiFi'
    BatteryLevel: 98
    ConnectedSensors: {'color' '' '' 'gyro'}

    But when I want to deploy the Simulink model to my device I meet this error: 

    The following error occurred during deployment to your hardware board:
    Failed to download application to EV3: Cannot connect to EV3 brick through WiFi.
    Make sure:
    1)EV3 is connected properly through WiFi and the Device ID along with the IP address entered in the Configuration parameters matches the device ID and IP address of the Brick.
    2)No connection to the EV3 brick is established through EV3I/O. Clear any existing EV3I/O object.

    I follow the steps of the Simulink´s examples and I follow them correctly. I don´t know what the problem is.

    I hope you could help me, thank you.


    Ruben Sorazu, 2017-05-19 13:49:10 -04:00
  2. Mindsensors Support
    Mindsensors Support Member Richmond
    Good morning! Which mindsensors.com product are you using?
    Mindsensors Support, 2017-05-22 10:37:55 -04:00
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