Hello! every one! Who has a EV3 G-block used for UART communication with MCUs(eg 51 avr pic et..) ? Thank you!
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  1. Huang Liang
    Huang Liang Member
    An EV3  G-block,  can set  SensorPort (1,2,3,4),  UART  baudrate , T/R mode et..  like putchar、 getchar  functions in C language.
          Using  IIC(I2C) G-block also can read or write 1 byte or 8 bytes with MCUS,  but I want to try UART communication betweet EV3 and MCUs.
         By using  this G-block, many MCU resourses ( IO ,PWM,AD et..) can be controled by EV3 only use ONE block  and  It is very hard to find a MCU has no UART port. 
          Can anybody help me ? (maybe my question is very stupid, It's impossible to make such a block.) Thank you !
    Huang Liang, 2017-05-24 09:54:20 -04:00
  2. Chad borich
    Chad borich Member
    Chad borich, 2017-05-25 10:02:19 -04:00
  3. setht
    setht Member Staff Member
    Just as an update, I think we understand what you are looking for. Just as we have a block for generic I2C communication, you are interested in a block for generic UART communication. I do not believe we have an EV3 block to do this, but I will ask another on Monday morning.
    setht, 2017-05-26 09:04:41 -04:00
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