PiStorms and Raspberry Pi 4 (supported?)
 Hardware Related   Started by rkG   2020-02-04 06:16:08 -05:00   Comments: 2    Viewed: 1075

  1. rkG
    rkG Member
    Hi All,

    Another question I have is whether the Raspberry Pi 4 (unofficially) supports the PiStorms software libraries? As in the documentation it does not say that it is one of the supported Raspberry Pis. If anyone has managed to install the software and has the PiStorms software working it would be great to know if it was difficult and what was their process in getting it to work?

    rkG, 2020-02-04 06:16:08 -05:00
  2. Do you plan to have Sensors for the new Mindstorms Robotic inventor set 51515?
    Krishnapur Janardhan, 2020-06-13 06:45:12 -04:00
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