Problems using PiStorms
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  1. Hello,

    I have some problems using PiStorms :
    • With Ev3Dev2 :
      • The sensors are not recognized automatically. It is necessary to configure them explicitly. (No problem with that. It is mentionned in documentation).But...
        Although this configuration does not always seems necessary, it sometimes causes the sensors to crash.
      • The LargeMotor and MediumMotor classes relating to EV3 motors cannot be used. A message indicates that these are not connected. All motors are seen as NXT motors and can only be used via the generic Motor class.
      • The use of the on_for_rotations () and on_for_degrees () methods is not reliable. The effective angle of rotation of the motors is often unexpected unrelated to the parameters passed.
      • The use of the MoveTank and MoveStering classes trigger an anarchic operation of the motors, the robot becoming uncontrollable.
      • No solution found on Ev3Dev2 forums. All of these functions work correctly with Lego Ev3 brik.
    Also I come back to the standard downloadable distribution on
    • With MindSensors distribution :
      • Samples works. It is the good news. But....
      • Dev works only for editing with a text editor on Raspberry (Geany). But how degug ? trace variable ? step by step ?
      • Dev works only for editing  on remote development with NotPad. But how degug ? trace variable ? step by step ?
      • I tried some tests with VSCode (and Remote SSH):
        • Debug works for standard Python code, but doesn't work with PiStorms Library : Impossible to import PiStorms. However, program works when started directly on PiStorms touch screen.
        • Exception has occurred: ImportError
          No module named 'PiStorms'
          File "/home/pi/PiStorms/programs/10-Exploration/", line 13, in <module> from PiStorms import PiStorms

    It seems that PiStorms Library is not correctly installed. Effectively, I found PiStorms Library in /home/pi/PiStorms/sys directory and not in Python path library, either in a Python venv library.
    After trying to create à canonical Python Library for PiStorms, it seems that some syntax errors occurs. Effectively, mixed syntaxes Python2 and Python3 coexist, causing these errors. 

    It seems that using the I2C bus poses a problem caused by an approximate time management, to move several motors together (to simulate MoveTank or MoveSteering managment, for example).

    Version FirmWare : 2.09
    Version Software :  4.0.18

    Could you help me ?

    Limouzin André, 2020-06-11 09:59:14 -04:00
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