Absolute IMU-ACG compass problems (EV3)
 NXT and EV3   Started by Lego Hkr   2017-08-14 17:45:42 -04:00   Comments: 3    Viewed: 278

  1. Lego Hkr
    Lego Hkr Member
    I performed many compass calibration procedures, even followed the YouTube video exactly as shown. The end result is the following:
    1. The displayed heading using the EV3 Read ABSIMU program jumps around quite a bit and doesn't seem to track turns.  The heading jumps 100+ degrees, all over the place (the red side is facing up)
    2. Using the EV3 Read ABSIMU program it occasionally says "Read Error A/T" and "Read Error H" and "Read Error G" at the bottom of the screen of values.
    Then I would like to be sure the firmware is current (1.20) but when I try to download the Explorer program from the PC it gives this message:

     Unable to compile some documents for deployment:
    Read Device Info.ev3p: Use of a block which no longer exists

    So there's two problems here.  Would appreciate some ideas on the compass values jumping around and the error message.

    Lego Hkr, 2017-08-14 17:45:42 -04:00
  2. seth10
    seth10 Member Staff Member
    Magnetic noise will cause disturbances in the AbsoluteIMU's readings. An EV3 motor is the most likely cause of this. What do you see if you only take a reading, with no other sensors or motors nearby and the AbsoluteIMU away from the EV3?

    As for the explorer program, have you downloaded the Mindsensors I2C Address ID and Mindsensors Read 8 Bytes blocks?
    seth10, 2017-08-18 11:44:19 -04:00
  3. Lego Hkr
    Lego Hkr Member
    I just received a replacement AbsoluteIMU and it's working perfectly.  Thanks to Mindsensors for the excellent customer service!

    Lego Hkr, 2017-08-29 09:17:36 -04:00
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