LEGO Mindstorms E-Motor with PiStorm
 NXT and EV3   Started by Amir Sadrpour   2021-01-26 13:10:30 -05:00   Comments: 2    Viewed: 544

  1. The website says pistorm is compativle with E-Motor (9670). However, i am not sure how the E-motor is connected to the pistorm with its brick-like end connection.
    Amir Sadrpour, 2021-01-26 13:10:30 -05:00
  2. Mindsensors Support
    Mindsensors Support Member Richmond
    you can use cut wire ot connect , or you can use Glidewheel PF to connect or you can use PFMate product line to controll this motor.
    But please note that this motor does not have built in encoder.
    Mindsensors Support, 2021-02-06 20:24:52 -05:00
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