Using NXTCam-v5 on ev3dev
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  1. Eva Mayer
    Eva Mayer Member
    I have a little LEGO Mindstorms car for which I am trying to implement a lane keeping assistance system using the NXTCam-v5. I work with ev3dev in python and I am wondering whether someone has experiences using the NXTCam-v5 on ev3dev - is there an API I could use or a website explaining how to use the camera via I2C?

    Under the documentation for the NXTCam-v5 driver for the ev3dev OS here it says that "This driver only allows for tracking a single object. To track more than one object and for other more advanced uses, you can disable this driver by setting poll_ms to 0 and using the direct attribute to directly read and write I2C messages. See Appendix C: I2C Devices and the manufacturers documentation for more information." Since I want to achieve line keeping I need to be able to track both sides of the road track, thus two lines aka more than one object. Therefore it seems to me that I need to use the NXTCam-v5 via I2C. Has someone done that before with ev3dev or in python and could give me some hints on how to achieve this?

    Thank you so much for any support you can give. I am quite new to Lego Mindstorms, EV3, ev3dev and IC2 - the only part of this project I am quite familiar with is programming in python :)
    Eva Mayer, 2017-11-09 09:34:21 -05:00
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  2. JC
    JC Member
    Hi, Eva Mayer. Apparently, you did not get an answer. How was your experience with the Vision Subsystem v5 cam?

    Actually, i want to resolve the same problem (or very similar):
    I need to direct a car on a street. There may be "pedestrians", traffic lights, traffic signs ... Of course it would be a simplified scenario.

    I'm considering buying a Vision Subsystem v5 for EV3 (with fixed lens). I want to use it with ev3dev.
    It is said In ev3dev web : "You can also easily modify the software on the camera itself using python."
    Does that mean we can change the algorithms that run on the camera (replace the face tracking algorithm with a road tracking (for example)?

    Could someone help us?

    JC, 2018-02-01 15:20:08 -05:00
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