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  1. Donnie clark
    Donnie clark Member
    Hi everyone!

    I am doing a project where I need two separate RPI, one for playing audio and other to play video. Both must function by pressing a button.

    In the case of audioplayback I need to start PiPresents with the RPI from the terminal without any monitor. How can I start the service without the $DISPLAY errors?

    And the other problem is how the gpio.cfg files. The buttons that I have have two legs, one goes to GND and the other to the corresponding GPIO? Resistance in the circuit is needed to determine whether pressing the button is 0 or 1? In gpio.cfg file when refers to [P1-11] means PIN11 which is GPIO17, so if I want to connect a button to play and repeat the track every time the button is pressed i need this code?

    direction = in
    rising-name = pp-play
    falling-name =
    one-name =
    zero-name =
    repeat =
    threshold =
    pull-up-down = up

    And in the template files i need to use the pp-play name to the inputs?


    I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

    whiteboard animation

    Donnie clark, 2017-11-14 04:23:02 -05:00
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