SumoEyes with new EV3 Classroom software
 NXT and EV3   Started by voraze   2021-05-04 18:12:02 -04:00   Comments: 2    Viewed: 615

  1. voraze
    voraze Member
    Can the SumoEyes still be used with the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 classroom software?
    voraze, 2021-05-04 18:12:02 -04:00
  2. Discover this innovative large range infrared sensor from Mindsensors for your Lego Mindstorms NXT robotsThe Sumoeyes Infrared sensor can be programmed using NXT-G, the graphical programming software included in the Lego Mindstorms NXT kit. Click on the following image to download the code of the NXT-G block.

    iMessage For Windows
    Jillian Nikolaus, 2021-11-18 07:04:59 -05:00
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