No power found on battery pack pins
 Raspberry Pi   Started by Allan Albrecht   2021-11-19 13:04:03 -05:00   Comments: 1    Viewed: 38

  1. My attempt to upload a photo failed, so I will describe the best I can.

    My Pi Storms rechargable battery pack does not seem to be providing power to the RPi. When I put a multimeter on the large tabs at the end of the battery holder, I read 8.3V.
    However, when I put my multimeter on the two pins that connect to the RPi, I am not reading any voltage. This is done with the battery pack alone (not connected to Rpi).

    So it appears the batteries are charged and providing power, but for some reason I'm not getting any voltage on the connecting pins.
    A continuity test shows that the pins are connected to the battery holder.

    Am I missing something?
    Allan Albrecht, 2021-11-19 13:04:03 -05:00
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