Pistorms Error "Can't Read Touchscreen"
 Raspberry Pi   Started by Jeffrey Olmo   2018-02-06 02:51:16 -05:00   Comments: 1    Viewed: 95

  1. Jeffrey Olmo
    Jeffrey Olmo Member
    Hi everyone. I just bought a brand-new Pistorms along with a raspberry pi running the latest pistorms image on a new sd card.  However, for some reason, when I boot up my pistorms, the touchscreen stays white and never loads. When I try to run a program from the raspberry pi that involves the pistroms, it returnes the repeating error "Can't read touchscreen." Does anyone know what the problem could be? Again, all the components are in mint condition. 

    The Pistorms screen will not boot up:

    When a program involving the pistorms (HelloWorld.py), the "Failed to Read Touchscreen" error is shown.
    Jeffrey Olmo, 2018-02-06 02:51:16 -05:00
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