NXTCam v4 issue
 Software and Programming Related   Started by Áron Hortobágyi   2018-02-17 19:13:31 -05:00   Comments: 1    Viewed: 122

  1. Hello, 

    My camera stopped responding.

    It took me a bit longer to mount if first, but with help of support I have managed to install drivers, and camera worked properly trough both EV3, and Camview program.

    But as I started testing output of position of object, after a while there was only one output repeating- 0. Afer restarting EV3 cube, it startet showing, that there is not connected this camera, but a touch sensor.

    So I tried connecting camera directly to PC- device manager shows the drivers, but Camview is unable to connect to the camera (although it worked before).

    This already happened once, but as my teacher installed drivers onto her computer, camera worked properly, for a while again. (when I try to reinstall drivers, my PC claims they are up to date)


    Could you please help me solve this problem?

    Thank you, Hortobágyi.

    Áron Hortobágyi, 2018-02-17 19:13:31 -05:00
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