Big problem with EVShield and EV3 Motors
 NXT and EV3   Started by Matteo Parisi   2018-03-30 09:11:08 -04:00   Comments: 1    Viewed: 168

  1. Hi, I've a big problem with my EVShield. I use on my robot 2 EV3 motors and the function "motorRunUnlimited" to run them. When  occurs a change of direction the motors start to run slowly, then it stop and after they restart the move in the opposite direction. This "slowdown" occurs only when the speed is set to less than 100. At speed like 20 or 30 more than 5 seconds are required to complete the change of direction. Can someone helps me faster possible?? Thanks.
    Matteo Parisi, 2018-03-30 09:11:08 -04:00
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