Stereo NXTcams to track and catch a ball in midair
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  1. Dsharlett S
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    Postby dsharlet » Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:31 pm

    This is a delta robot that uses stereo NXTcams to track and catch a ball thrown through the air. Stereo calibration with NXTcams was not easy, but eventually I got good enough calibration to make this work (some of the time) :)

    The delta robot has a reachable area with a radius of ~25 studs. it can catch the ball around 1/5 of the time for good throws, i.e. throws in reach of the arm and lofty enough to give it time to estimate the trajectory and move to the intercept.

    I was not sure this project would be possible when starting work on it. I am amazed that the EV3 has enough computational power to solve the problems I'm asking it to do, and quickly enough to react in time to catch the ball. I even run the stereo calibration on board the robot!

    This project uses ev3dev: I had to build custom NXTcam support code. It would be great if mindsensors shipped support for ev3dev!
    Dsharlett S, 2015-09-14 09:55:17 -04:00
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