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scratch.Scratch Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for scratch.Scratch:

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __repr__
def connect
def disconnect
def sensorupdate
def broadcast
def receive

Static Public Attributes

int prefix_len = 4
tuple broadcast_prefix_len = prefix_len+len('broadcast ')
tuple sensorupdate_prefix_len = prefix_len+len('sensor-update ')
tuple msg_types = set(['broadcast', 'sensor-update'])
tuple n = len(msg)
tuple a = array.array('c')
string escaped = ''
string unescaped = ''
int i = 0
tuple length = self._extract_len(msg[:self.prefix_len])
list msg_type = msg[self.prefix_len:]
list update = msg[self.sensorupdate_prefix_len:]
list parsed = []
string curr_seg = ''
int numq = 0
list unescaped = [self._unescape(self._get_type(x)) for x in parsed]
int total_sent = 0
tuple sent = self.socket.send(data[total_sent:])
string data = ''
tuple chunk = self.socket.recv(size-len(data))
tuple prefix = self._read(self.prefix_len)
tuple msg = self._read(self._extract_len(prefix))
string msg = 'sensor-update '

Member Function Documentation

def scratch.Scratch.disconnect (   self)
Connects to Scratch.
def scratch.Scratch.receive (   self)
Broadcasts msg to Scratch. msg can be a single message or an iterable
(list, tuple, set, generator, etc.) of messages.
def scratch.Scratch.sensorupdate (   self,
Closes connection to Scratch

Member Data Documentation

string scratch.Scratch.data = ''
Reads size number of bytes from Scratch and returns data as a string
string scratch.Scratch.escaped = ''
Escapes double quotes by adding another double quote as per the Scratch
protocol. Expects a string without its delimiting quotes. Returns a new
escaped string.
tuple scratch.Scratch.length = self._extract_len(msg[:self.prefix_len])
Returns True if message is a proper Scratch message, else return False.
string scratch.Scratch.msg = 'sensor-update '
Given a dict of sensors and values, updates those sensors with the
values in Scratch.
list scratch.Scratch.msg_type = msg[self.prefix_len:]
Parses a Scratch message and returns a tuple with the first element
as the message type, and the second element as the message payload. The
payload for a 'broadcast' message is a string, and the payload for a
'sensor-update' message is a dict whose keys are variables, and values
are updated variable values. Returns None if msg is not a message.
tuple scratch.Scratch.n = len(msg)
Packages msg according to Scratch message specification (encodes and
appends length prefix to msg). Credit to chalkmarrow from the
scratch.mit.edu forums for the prefix encoding code.
tuple scratch.Scratch.prefix = self._read(self.prefix_len)
Receives and returns a message from Scratch
int scratch.Scratch.total_sent = 0
Writes string data out to Scratch
string scratch.Scratch.unescaped = ''
Removes double quotes that were used to escape double quotes. Expects
a string without its delimiting quotes, or a number. Returns a new
unescaped string.
list scratch.Scratch.update = msg[self.sensorupdate_prefix_len:]
Given a sensor-update message, returns the sensors/variables that were
updated as a dict that maps sensors/variables to their updated values.

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