Data Logging in EV3

You can use following sensors for data logging in EV3.

  1. AbsoluteIMU (all variants)
  2. PPS58 (Pressure Sensor)
  3. CurrentMeter
  4. VoltMeter

Data Logging Setup

  1. Download the typedata70.rcf file and save it on your computer (make a note of the location where you save it). DOWNLOAD HERE.
  2. Download and install BricxCC. DOWNLOAD HERE.
  3. Power your EV3 and connect it to your PC via USB.
  4. Run BrixCC.exe.
  5. Select usb as the Port, EV3 as the Brick Type, and Standard Firmware and click OK.
  6. Select Explorer from the Tools menu.
  7. It may take a minute for the Explorer tool to load. The Left side shows the EV3 file system and the Right shows your PC file system.
  8. Navigate to the ../sys/settings folder on the EV3 side.
  9. Navigate to the folder containing the typedata70.rcf file on the PC side.
  10. Copy the file into the EV3 settings folder by simply dragging and dropping the file from the right to the left side.
  11. Properly shutdown the EV3.
  12. At this stage, your EV3 brick is ready for datalogging with mindsensors devices.

When the EV3 is restarted you will see your connected sensor in Port View on the EV3.


Datalogging for device with Multiple Outputs:

When using 'Experiment' in the EV3 programming environment,
Oscilloscope Mode will show output of the mode specified in Port View on the EV3.

When performing an experiment, the output data will only be of the first output parameter of the EV3 block (eg. Read Accelerometer Mode will only output data from the x-axis.)