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PiStorms-GRX: RPi Robots - Simplified!

(and don't limit it to robots)

PiStorms-GRX Welcomes you!!

Make Robots using Raspberry Pi and readily available parts!

- Based on the popular PiStorms framework

- Use for robotics or data logging or combination of the two

- Ideal for science experiments in STEM classrooms

- Programming using Graphical Blockly and Python interfaces

  (If Programming isn't your thing, the Blockly visual programming tool is quite easy to understand)

- Wide variety of Grove Sensors available for your use

- Modular design for re-usability


What can I use with GRX?

- Connect upto 6 Servo Motors (standard or continuous rotation)

- Connect upto 6 Grove Sensors

- Several Digital and I2C input ports

- Comes with two wheels with encoders for precision movement.

- and simply use Lego plastic parts for scaffolding



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Write to us if you would like to beta test PiStorms-GRX.