PiConsole Configuration Tool

Download and install the tool on your Pi

Download pico_tools

Download the tool on your Raspberry Pi and unzip using following command

tar -zxvf pico_tools.tar.gz

This will create a folder pico_tools and extract all required files in that folder.
Few things to note about this tool

  • Connect PiConsole on the GPIO header of your Pi.
  • Ensure that your smart-phone is not connected to the PiConsole.
    (Disconnect the phone or turn off Bluetooth on your phone).
  • If your PiConsole has USB port, ensure that there is nothing connected to that port.
  • While running tool it will reboot your Pi two times, let it do it's steps, do not cancel the process.
  • It takes about 3 minutes to complete all it's steps.
  • This tool works only with PiConsole-BTi (Bluetooth 4.0 models)
How to change passcode

Run the tool as:

cd pico_tools
sudo ./config_pico.bash -p 1212

Note that passcode must be between 2 and 6 digits long (numeric only).
How to change Name of your PiConsole

Run tool as:

cd pico_tools
sudo ./config_pico.bash -n NewName

Note that name must be alphanumeric upto 12 digits long (no spaces or punctuations)
How to find current Name/Passcode of your PiConsole

Run tool as:

cd pico_tools
sudo ./config_pico.bash -q

The result of query will be stored in /var/tmp/query_piconsole.[date-time]
How to change firmware of your PiConsole

For this step, ensure that nothing is connected
to USB port of your PiConsole.
Run tool as:

cd pico_tools
sudo ./config_pico.bash -f fileName

Where fileName is the name of the firmware file. This file must be in the current folder (pico_tools in this case).