How to change I2C Address using Raspberry Pi
Find I2C address of your device

You can use i2cdetect or Explorer program to find current i2c address of your device.

i2cdetect -y 1
[Press Enter]

This program displays address in 7 bit format (multiply by 2 to get 8 bit format).

Explorer Program
Navigate to appropriate folder.
[Press Enter]

follow on screen instructions, program will display both 7 and 8-bit formats and device information.
Changing address

Navigate to appropriate folder.

./addresschange (i2c address) (new i2c address)
[Press Enter]

  • program will then find the device with current i2c address and display device information
  • program will then change the i2c address
  • program will attempt to find the device with new i2c address and display device information.

Download address change program here.
This program works only with the devices that support address change feature.

And download the Expolrer program (to report infomation of devices attached to your i2c bus).

Verify the new address

Run i2c detect or Explorer program to verify that the device is operating with new i2c address.