Q:     How do I change the I2C address of a sensor?

Ans:     Use the zipped executables at following URL to change the address.
(Use LEGO firmware 1.29 or higher for this, and follow instructions to install.)
Explorer.zip upon installation, attach sensor to port 1, run the program and follow on screen instructions.

Q:     I am interested in buying the 8-servo controller. What type of connector should I use for the servo motors ? Fatuba-J or S-plug ? What other accessories do I need along with the servo controller ? Thanks in advance.

Ans:     8-Servo controller uses universal connectors, Actually it has only male header so ideally it is compatible with all of them. You will need the external power supply from range 6-8 volts depending on your servo.

Q:     Can the 8 connected RC Servomotors be controlled individually?

Ans:     Yes, all the 8 motors have separate position control and you can control each motor position individually.

Q:     Can I connect three NXTServo units to one Port Splitter?

Ans:     Yes, you can. Ensure that your each NXTServo has unique I2C address.