Installing NXT-G Blocks


Ensure appropriate NXT-G version

Ensure that you have menu item 'Block Import and Export Wizard ...' as shown in adjacent picture.
Note: Use NXT-G 1.1 or higher.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the block(s)
  2. Ensure that the downloaded file has .zip extension. If not, rename the file with .zip extension.
  3. Un-zip the files on your local machine (make a note of the folder where you unzip files).
  4. Run NXT-G software and Open NXT-G 'Block Import and Export Wizard ...' from the 'Tools' menu
  • Click on the Browse button and Select the folder you extracted the files to and Click OK.
  • Select the block you need to install
  • Select the Advanced Palette
  • Click on Import Button

Answer 'Yes' to any 'Replace ...' popup that might show up


After Installation

Run NXT-G software, and click on 'Complete palette' (1). (see adjacent picture).
Then click on 'Advanced' (2) to open up the palette contents.

The blocks you installed should be here (3).
Now you can drag these blocks and drop them on your work area to create your program.

Installing on Mac

From the NXT-G software, select Block Import/Export Wizard.
Click on Browse.
in the resulting window, select the folder as (1) in picture here.
then select Choose (2) as in picture here. (do not select any other files)
That will close this window, and bring you back to Wizard window.
In the wizard window select the block and click 'Import'.

These Blocks are Open Source.

Protected under GNU Public License as published by Free Software Foundation; version 3 of the License. You are welcome to modify and enhance these blocks and learn from them. If you do modify, please e-mail us the updates, and we will post them to this location.

If you encounter bugs, please report them to us.

Download NXT-G Blocks here.

If you are looking for EV3 Blocks instead, they are here.