PiConsole - FAQ

How do I plug it in my Pi?

How to attach PiConsole to PI?Simply align the top-left corner of PiConsole with your Pi and plug it into the GPIO header. (see adjacent picture).

How do I setup and use the App?

App for use with PiConsole are available in Google Play and iTunes Store.
(Search for OEConsole)

For details about installing and using Android app, please visit Getting Started with Android
What is the default PIN/Passcode?

While Pairing from Android with BLE (Bluetooth 4.0), use passcode as 001234
For everything else, use passcode 1234.

For further details, please visit Getting Started page
What are the LED's for?

There are two LED's on PiConsole, CONNECT and RX/TX.

This LED is not implemented yet.

Will Blink only when USB communication is in progress (when USB cable is attached to your computer and USB device is configured with drivers).
Which PiConsole should I use? Bluetooth 2.1 or 4.0?

Here are few facts related Bluetooth support:
  • Most Android devices support Bluetooth 2.1
  • Some Android devices support 4.0 correctly
  • Some Android devices have hardware for 4.0 but it is not supported in software
  • Some Android devices have half baked support for Bluetooth 4.0
  • iPhones/iPods and iPads don't support 2.1
  • Mac desktops/laptops/mac-mini support 2.1
PiConsole Bluetooth interface compatibility matrix:

PiConsole-BT (2.1)yesnoyesyesyes
PiConsole-BTi (4.0)yes (For devices
with full BLE support)
PiConsole USB interface compatibility matrix:

PiConsole-BT (2.1) with USBnonoyesyesyes
PiConsole-BTi (4.0) with USBnonoyesyesyes
Some PiConsoles have USB Connector, what is it for?

There are various models of PiConsole, some with USB connector, some without.
If your PiConsole model has USB connector, you can connect it to your PC (and use Putty to access console on PC).
That port also supplies power to Pi, so you don`t need to attach Pi`s usual power cable. (But even if Pi`s power is attached it doesn`t hurt anything, in fact, that way, you can change power sources without rebooting pi).
How do I find Bluetooth technologies supported in my Android phone?
App showing supported protocols
To find whether your device has 4.0 support or not, install OEConsole app, and run 'About' from the Options menu.

The resulting screen will display the Bluetooth technologies supported in your device.
Which PiConsole model do I have?

The PiConsole-BT has Green colored Bluetooth Module, whereas PiConsole-BTi has Blue colored Bluetooth Module.
How do I send Ctrl-C ?

For Android, install the Keyboard with Control Key.

App shows PiConsole is connected by I get a blank screen

1. Incorrect Passcode
Check that you have entered correct passcode while pairing the device.
If the passcode you entered was not correct, it may show as connected but will not allow any communication.

2. TTY is disabled on your Raspberry Pi
This is not common, but some operating systems disable console tty.
Simplest test would be to try on standard distribution of Raspbian Wheezy, in which the console tty is enabled.
Android 5 (Lollipop) Bluetooth Connectivity issues

On some devices using Android 5 (Lollipop) the Operating System does not prompt for passcode, (but phone thinks Bluetooth is connected).
In such case, PiConsole may appear to be connected, but you won't see any text appearing on the app screen.

As a workaround, an unsecured version of firmware for PiConsole is available. If you need it, please write to us.

Below is a discussion related to this issue:
Does the console adapter connect to the Pi through the serial console pins on the GPIO header?

Yes, the adapter connects to Pi using serial console pins.
If I have another device connected to my Pi through the serial pins on the GPIO header then will this adapter work?

PiConsole will work with another device on GPIO pins. However, There are few things you should be aware of -
  1. If the other device is sending/receiving data on serial pins, it will appear on your console (which is generally harmless, but it will garble your shell output), and
  2. if you type any characters on your terminal, they will go to the other device (which may cause it to malfunction, depending on what it does with that unexpected data).
Does PiConsole work with iOS?

No, current models do not work with iOS.
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