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Attach Mulitple Sensors to a Single EV3 Port

Attach Mulitple Sensors to a Single EV3 Port


EV3 Sensor Adapter with SPLIT-Nx




The limited number of ports on the EV3 programmable brick is a problem for complex projects that require more than 4 sensors. To solve this problem, use the SPLIT-Nx port splitter.


The EV3 Lego sensors, however, cannot be used directly with this device due to a different connection type (UART). The EV3 Sensor Adapter converts these sensors to be read using I2C, thus solving this problem.



Ensure the I2C addresses of the EV3 Sensor Adapters are different from each other.

  • Use Explorer Program to find the device address (default is 50) of ESA.
  • Change I2C addresses using Address Change Program so that all ESA devices connected to SPLIT-Nx have an unique I2C Address.
  • Download these programs here.



  • EV3 Sensor Adapter is marked with 'Host' and 'EV3 Sensor' for respective connections.
  • Connect Split-Nx to desired port of EV3 brick.
  • Connect the Spilt-Nx to the cable marked 'Host'.
  • Connect the EV3 sensors to the cable marked 'EV3 Sensor'.



See EV3-NXT_with Split Sample Program for reference.

  1. Use multiple Mindsensors EV3-SensorAdapter blocks.
  2. Wire the outputs as desired.
  3. Choose desired mode corresponding to the sensor being used.
  4. Ensure port and I2C address is correct for each block.
  5. Choose desired inputs if necessary.


Attaching Multiple Sensors to EV3

You can attach multiple sensors to EV3 using Port Splitter.
Simply attach Port Splitter to EV3 sensor port and attach mindsensor's sensors to splitter.
In your program use the usual block of the sensor, in the block, specify the port to which the Splitter is attached.

Note that you can attach only I2C sensors to Splitter (that includes most of the sensors, except for NXTSumoEyes).

Comments (2)

Max V 05.24.2017
Does this work well with Python? Any sample code available? Thanks
Seth T 05.25.2017
Quick answer: yes! As you are trying to use Python I'm guessing you are talking about the PiStorms. The EV3 Sensor Adapter has been discontinued, but the EV3 Sensor Multiplexer is a much better product for your use case. Instead of using a splitter and 3 adapters, this one multiplexer does it all. In any case, both are supported in the PiStorms library. You can find the documentation here: and an examples program in the 50-SensorDemos folder, or online:
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