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The Flame Sensor! A Grove Sensor Adapter project


A flame sensor, that's unique! In this project we'll use the Grove flame sensor find fires.

You can see the flame sensor mounted at the front, and the mindsensors Grove Sensor Adapter towards the back.

Of course, the flame sensor is the star of the show this time.

When it's facing the candle, we get a nice image of a fire.

The image disappears when the sensor points away from the candle.

A quick look at the program shows it's pretty simple. Take a reading from the Grove sensor adapter. If it's less than 1023 then show the fire image, otherwise clear the screen. Repeat!


Why not try making a fire-fighting robot? There's also a Grove fan, try building a robot that can find a candle and put it out. Please share your creations with us, you can find instructions for submitting a blog post of your own on the main blog page.

Downloads and Links

  • EV3 Block
    EV3 Block
  • EV3 Program
    EV3 Program
  • Grove Sensor Adapter product page
    Product Page
  • Grove Sensor Kit product page
    Grove Sensor Kit

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Allen M 05.05.2017
I bought this one too after seeing this post. I haven't really tried it out too much yet because I need to get a candle. When I tried a quick test program, it detected one of the lights in the basement. I really like the little LED on the sensor that lights up when it detects something.I thought about trying out the UV sensor, MOSFET, Loudness sensor, Line Finding sensor, and Analog Gyro - just to name a few more. Since a lot of the Grove devices run on 3.3/5v and are either analog or digital - I even had the idea of making a simple adapter for using them with my RCX. (Yes, I still have mine it and it works great)
Seth T 05.05.2017
There are so many projects you can do with these sensors. Woah, if you do make an RCX adapter please share! When I started FLL the NXT was the latest brick, I've only seen the RXC from a few episodes of episodes of Zoom. Also, I'd like to let you know your comments (and my replies) make up 20% of all blog comments at this time lol (not counting product comments or forum posts).
Allen M 05.12.2017
I know. I just don't have the time to try them all. If I get a chance to try the RCX adapter, I will definitely try to share. I received the email a few days ago with the templates and instructions for submitting a blog post. I would like to do a couple. 20% - that's a lot for just the two of us. I usually never have time to post anything. by the way, I finally got a candle and some matches this week and the Flame sensor and your program worked great. I just had to make a minor adjustment for the placement of the image on my NXT's screen. I also tried out two Flame sensors I just bought recently for my RCX. I had contacted the man who made and sold them and luckily, he still had a few sensors left that he hadn't sold. They both worked really great as well. I thought that might be worth a blog post - showing all three. Do you think anyone would be interested?
Seth T 05.15.2017
If you want to show off those sensors, maybe even comparing them, that is certainly something new worth sharing.
Mithun D 07.16.2020
Can I user this adapter with EV3 python ? Any idea ?
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