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How to access PiStorms Web Interface

How to access PiStorms Web Interface


PiStorms Web Interface

Ensure that you have installed PiStorms software v4.005 or higher.

Also ensure that your Pi and PiStorms is configured to connect to your local wireless (or connect it with an Ethernet wire).

Find your Hostname

You can find your hostname on the PiStorms Screen (as in picture below).

Highlight Hostname

Point your Browser to your PiStorms

Open your Browser (on phone or Computer) and in the address bar type the hostname followed by '/'

That's it!

A login screen will appear, enter 'PiStorms' to continue.

PiStorms Web Login page

Using PiStorms Web Interface

After login, you will see a screen displaying information about your PiStorms.

You can access teh menu of services from the menu icon on top left as follows:

PiStorms Web - Menu Button


Using this menu, you can

* Edit programs,
* Capture screen shots of your PiStorms touch screen display,
* Control movement of your PiStorms Robot remotely,
* View Logs and errors
  • Edit Programs
    Edit Programs
  • View Stats
    View Stats
  • Record Screens
    Screen Capture
  • Remote Control your Robot
    Remote Control your Robot

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Jordi F 11.22.2016
Really useful! After some use, we have a couple of comments. It could be possible to use the web interface with bluetooth instead of wifi (taking advantatge of the bluetooth pre-installed in RPi 3)? Or is it possible to use some kind of direct wifi connection between the Pi and phone/tablet/pc (this is to avoid the use of a router)?
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