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How to Upgrade PiStorms Firmware

How to Upgrade PiStorms Firmware


What you need

  • Raspberry Pi with PiStorms.
  • Firmware Upgrader Application (Download it here)
  • Firmware File (in the zip file from the above link)

Getting ready

After downloading and unzipping the firmware upgrader application, you will need to copy this in your raspberry Pi. Simplest thing to do is Just copy this file to USB zip disk and plug into your Raspberry Pi's one of the USB port. More details on this are here.

from USB disk

Before you upgrade the firmware of your PiStorms, you want to note down few things like the current version of your PiStorms and IP address of your Raspberry Pi. You can do this by running "About_me" from PiStorms browser screen.

PiStorms With Older Firmware

Upgrading PiStorms V1.70 or older

if your PiStorms is newer than V1.70, scroll down to section Upgrading PiStorms newer than V1.70.

If you have PiStorms firmware older than that of 1.70 then you want to first Shutdown your raspberry Pi. Once Raspberry Pi has shut down disconnect one single battery from battery holder. Or if you are using the desktop adapter to power your Pi disconnect it from power. Now Press GO switch on your PiStorms and while holding it pressed, connect the power or insert the battery in the holder. This puts your PiStorms into boatload mode.

Once you have your Pi booted completely open SSH terminal to your Pi. From command line, first copy the folder with upgrader utility, config file and Hex file to /home/pi . you can do this with command below. ( my USB disk name is PS_USB you should change correct one for yours.)

cp -r /media/pi/PS_USB/fwupgrader/ fwupgrader/
cd fwupgrader/
chmod 766 fwupgrader/

Now you are ready to start upgrade your PiStorms. To begin upgrade process

./fwupgrader PiStorms B_PiStorms.hex

Once upgrade is finished you can check the device status by running commands below

i2cdetect -y 1
i2cdump -y 1 0x1a

Upgrade Complete

Now your upgrade process is complete and you will need to restart your PiStorms browser
to this just type.

/etc/init.d/ start

and you will see your familiar PiStorms browser screen reappear. You can check your updated version using "About_me" from PiStorms browser screen.

Updated Pistorms

Upgrading PiStorms newer than V1.70

If you have PiStorms firmware version 1.70 or above, you can update it with out shutting down your Raspberry Pi

Just run

./fwupgrader PiStorms B_PiStorms.hex -a

Calibrate The Screen

Then follow instructions here to calibrate the screen:

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