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PiStorms Compatibility

PiStorms Compatibility


The PiStorms is compatible with lots of motors and sensors designed for use with the LEGO Mindstorms kits. Below is a complete list of compatible sensors and motors with respective part numbers.




All motors listed below are compatible with PiStorms directly


EV3 Large Servo Motor (45502)

EV3 Medium Servo Motor (45503)

NXT Large Motor (9842)


All motors listed below can be used with PiStorms when used with GlideWheel-M(x) or PFMate with PF IR Receiver  


E-Motor (9670)

PF M-Motor (8883)

PF XL Motor (8882)




All sensors listed below are compatible with the PiStorms and supported by the PiStorms python libraries provided by


EV3 Color Sensor (45506)

EV3 Gyro Sensor (45505

EV3 Infrared Sensor (45509)

EV3 Touch Sensor (45507)

EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor (45504)

mindsensors Accelerometer (AbsoluteIMU-A)

mindsensors Accelerometer and Compass (AbsoluteIMU-AC)

mindsensors Accelerometer, Compass, and Gyro (AbsoluteIMU-ACG)

mindsensors Compass (AbsoluteIMU-C)

mindsensors Angle Sensor (GlideWheel-AS)

mindsensors Current Meter (NXTCurrentMeter)

mindsensors Distance Sensor - Short Range (DIST-NxS-v3)

mindsensors Distance Sensor - Medium Range (DIST-NxM-v3)

mindsensors Distance Sensor - Long Range (DIST-NxL-v3)

mindsensors Line Follower Sensor (LineLeader-V2)

mindsensors Light Sensor Array (LightSensorArray)

mindsensors NXTCam (NXTCam-v4)

mindsensors Pixy Adapter (PixyAdapter) | with PiXyCam (PixyAdapter-C) - Intended for use with PixyCam

mindsensors Pressure Sensor (PPS58-Nx)

mindsensors SumoEyes (NXTSumoEyes-v2)

mindsensors Voltage Meter (NXTVoltMeter)

NXT Color Sensor (9694)

NXT Light Sensor (9844)

NXT Touch Sensor(9843)

PF IR Receiver (8884) - Can only be used with PFMate


Adapters and Multiplexers


All adapters and multiplexers listed below are compatible with the PiStorms and supported by the PiStorms python libraries provided by


mindsensors EV3 Sensor Adapter (EV3SensorAdapter)

mindsensors EV3 Sensor Multiplexer (EV3SensorMux)

mindsensors GlideWheel PF and RCX Motor Controller (GlideWheel-Mx)

mindsensors GlideWheel PF Motor Controller (GlideWheel-M)

mindsensors Motor Multiplexer (NXTMMX-v2)b

mindsensors PF Motor Controller Intended for use with PF IR Receiver

mindsensors Port Splitter (SPLIT-Nx-v2) - Intended for use with I2C sensors

mindsensors Servo Controller (NXTServo-v3)


In addition to this list, PiStorms can also read other I2C sensors not mentioned on this list. does not provide software support for I2C sensors not mentioned on this list, but other libraries and direct reads can be used if the PiStorms sensor port is configured for use of I2C.

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