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Access PiStorms Raspberry Pi Remotely - Tutorial

Access PiStorms Raspberry Pi Remotely - Tutorial


This tutorial provides instructions to use the Raspberry Pi as SSH server. PuTTY is used as the SSH client to gain remote access to the Raspberry Pi. We recommend using PuTTY but most hyperterminals should work. You can download PuTTY here. Even if you have no prior knowledge of the client server relationship, you can easily gain access using this tutorial.


Get the IP Address

Assemble the PiStorms frame and connect the PiStorms to the Raspberry Pi with the instructions here.


Connect the Raspberry Pi to the network using an Ethernet cable.

Power your PiStorms by clicking the GO button and wait a minute or two for the PiStorms Browser to appear on the screen. 

Click the 00-About_Me button to view information about PiStorms and Raspberry Pi

The network information will appear near the bottom of the PiStorms screen. At this point you should see an IP address after 'eth0:'.

Make a note of this IP address, you will be using it to connect to your Pi.


Hyperterminal Connection

Open PuTTY and click Session on the left window labeled 'Category'.

Type the Raspberry PI IP address under 'Host Name', 22 under 'Port', click 'SSH', and select 'Open'.

Answer 'Yes' to any text boxes that appear to grant access to the Raspberry Pi.

The command line window should appear.

Putty Connection

Login to the Raspberry Pi. The default login ID is 'pi' and the password is 'raspberry'. This is case sensitive so be sure to type both in lowercase. If you have already changed the name and/or password of the Raspberry Pi, use your login ID and password.


Wifi Connection

Follow the instructions here to setup wifi on the Raspberry Pi.'

Reboot the Raspberry Pi with the following command:


sudo reboot


When the PiStorms Browser refreshes, click 00-About_Me to see the new network information. An IP address should appear next to 'wlan0:'

Once you have obtained an IP address for the wlan0 (wifi), you can disconnect the ethernet cable.

Follow the steps to in the Hyperterminal Connection section above to connect to the Raspberry Pi with PuTTY using the wifi IP address.


For more information on using the Raspberry Pi as an SSH server visit

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