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How to attach rechargeable battery to PiStorms

How to attach rechargeable battery to PiStorms


Prepare PiStorms

Attach Pins to PiStorms Power Terminal and fasten the screws

Prepare PiStorms


Attach PiStorms to Frame

Attach Pi to your Frame with screws and attach PiStorms on its GPIO pins.

PiStorms on Frame


Attach Battery PCB to PiStorms

Attach Battery PCB on the back, ensure to engage the power pins correctly.

Engage the PiStorms pins correctly


Fasten the PCB with screws

Fasten the PCB with screws.

Connect wire


 Attaching charging adapter

Attach your charging adapter to the socket on the board, as in picture below:

Attach Charging adapter



The charger circuit cuts-off the charging when the battery is full.

If you are using this for desk use, you can keep the charging adapter connected, (that way, the battery is being charged while it is being used). You can then disconnect the charging adapter wire when you want to run your robot.

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Martin K 09.17.2016
Does this rechargeable battery also Power the raspberry pi or do I need an extra battery for the pi?
Deepak P 09.17.2016
Yes, the battery supplies power to the Pi also.
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