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How To use PiStorms with Notepad ++

How To use PiStorms with Notepad ++


Setting Up Notepad ++

To download Notepad ++, click here and then on Downloads on the left sidebar. This should take you to the most current download version. Choose a download option and follow the prompts to set up the program. You should see something like this when you are done.


Installing the Plugin

On the top menu, open Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager.

Notepad++ menu

In the window that opens, scroll and select the “NppFTP” plugin and click Install

Notepad++ plugin manager

It will install the Plugin and prompt you to restart Notepad ++. Restart the program and allow it to make changes to your computer.


Using the Plugin

To start the plugin, go to Plugins > NppFTP > Show NppFTP Window, and your screen will loop something like this.

Notepad++ with Plugin in view

Click on the Gear icon on the newly opened section and click on Profile settings.
Then, click “Add New” and fill out the fields under Connection. To find the Hostname, get the IP address from the PiStorms by clicking “About Me”. For more information about finding the Hostname, follow the “Get the IP Address” step here. Keep the Port as the default. Fill out the Username and Password as your username and password for the PiStorms. The default login for the PiStorms is “pi” for the username and “raspberry” for the password. Finally, change the connection type to SFTP.

Plugin Setup

Close the window, and click the blue icon on the left. This will connect you to your PiStorms. The screen will now look like this with the file browser on the right.

Notepad++ connected to PiStorms


TIPS on using this Plugin

There are two ways that you can use this Plugin. You could either save a local copy of your program and upload it using the upload button (upload  ). Or, you can download the program and using the download button (download ). If you use the download method, every time you save the program, it will automatically upload as well.

Comments (2)

Jordi F 01.24.2017
It is not clear to me what is this Notepad++ program for. After reading the post, I supposed that it is for editing remotely python programs at the Pi+PiStorms from a Windows PC. Is this the purpose of using Notepad++?
Mindsensorssupport S 01.26.2017
Yes, that's correct. It's a convenient way to remotely edit Python programs from PC.
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