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Program PiStorms with Scratch - Getting Started

Program PiStorms with Scratch - Getting Started




Download the PiStorms Scratch image.

Unzip the file and write it to an 8GB or more micro-SD card.


Installation files are currently being developed.




VNC is used to remotely access the Raspberry Pi so you can access the Scratch programming environment.

VNC is configured during the installation process. If you are using our image from the link above, VNC will run at startup.

Download VNC to your computer, tablet, or smart device. Most VNC applications will work.

    Instructions to setup VNC on Windows 

    Tablet and Smart Device setup is similar to PC. There is usually an easy setup process.

If VNC is not configured to run upon Raspberry pi startup, start the VNC server.

Connect the Raspberry Pi and VNC device to the same network.

    Instructions to connect Raspberry Pi to wifi

Open VNC on your device.

Connect to the Raspberry Pi using the IP address and port.


If you are using the image from the link above, the password is raspberry

The Raspberry Pi GUI should open on your device in a minute or two.

If you need to modify the resolution, start by logging through VNC. Launch the terminal by clicking the third icon on the task bar, it looks like >_. Enter the command sudo leafpad. Leafpad is the simple text editor you will see open. "sudo," or "super-user do," is required because we need to edit a protected file. Go to File -> Open... or press Ctrl+O. In the Places sidebar to the left, click File System. Now open the boot folder and double-click config.txt. In this text file scroll down until you see "# uncomment to force a console size. By default..." Delete the # before framebuffer_width and framebuffer_height. You may change 1280 and 720 to your needed dimensions. Keep in mind that a larger resolution will require more bandwidth for the VNC connection. Save and restart.




Open the Scratch programming environment.




Open the PiStorms Template or one of the PiStorms example programs.

    File>Open>Scratch Projects>PiStorms>file of your choice



Write your own or modify one of the existing programs.

    PiStorms Scratch Reference Document 

Touch 0-Scratch_PiStorms on the PiStorms touchscreen.



The program will begin running.

Press the go button to stop the program and exit the PiStorms to the main menu.


Check out some of the example programs in action!


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